My name is Chad Whitacre, and this is my homepage.

Recent Work

Sentry 2020— Sentry is an application performance and error monitoring company that started life in 2008 as a tiny open-source side project and is now a proper unicorn. I run the Open Source Program Office (OSPO) as Head of Open Source, keeping the company true to its roots.
Proofpoint 2019—2020 I was an Engineering Manager for two diverse and productive teams at an enterprise security company.
Idelic 2018 As Engineering Lead at a venture-backed startup (employee four), I shifted the engineering team from off-shore contractors to in-house employees, while contributing actively to product development and driving engineering process improvements.
Gratipay 2012—2017 I founded a company that moved more than $1 million from dozens of companies to hundreds of open source projects, and explored the limits of organizational transparency and openness. Gratipay is survived by a fork, Liberapay. Vive Liberapay!

Other Accomplishments

Open Source 2002— I grew the Gratipay project to more than 1,000 stars and 150 contributors on GitHub, and I've grown two other projects to more than 100 stars each. I also co-founded the Sustain conference in 2017.
The Open Organization 2016—2017 2013—2015, OCI 2013—2017 I furthered the conversation about organizational transparency and openness as one of Red Hat's Open Organization Ambassadors. I wrote the group's top post for 2016, and increased transparency by helping migrate from a private mailing list to public repos. Prior to that I had co-founded, and co-organized two events for, the similarly themed Open Company Initiative (OCI).