My name is Chad Whitacre, and this is my homepage.

Recent Work

Sentry 2020— Sentry is an application monitoring company that started life in 2008 as a tiny open-source side project and is now worth billions. I run the Open Source Program Office (OSPO) as Head of Open Source.

I built and run an industry-leading dependency funding program (2023, 2022, 2021). I co-run to motivate other companies to follow suit.

I built and run a customer engagement program that regained Sentry's open source street cred even while headcount grew 3x.

I also run programs in compliance and self-hosting.
Proofpoint 2019—2020 I was an Engineering Manager for two diverse and productive teams at an enterprise security company.
Idelic 2018 I was employee four and my role was Engineering Lead. I built an ETL pipeline and made a few key hires.
Gratipay 2012—2017 I founded a crowdfunding platform that moved more than $1 million from dozens of companies to hundreds of open source projects, and explored the limits of organizational transparency and openness. Gratipay is survived by a fork, Liberapay. Vive Liberapay!

Also during this stretch I cofounded SustainOSS, and was an Open Organization Ambassador for Red Hat.